The art of observation and interaction
  • Human characteristics range from basic primal instincts, through emotions, concluding with an amazingly sophisticated intelligence.
  • The Brain on its own may be able to experience its own operation, but what does it know about where it is, what it is, or what’s around it without being able to collect information from the outside world.
  • Therefore considering the notion of thinking in isolation cannot possibly define one's understanding, as it has no means of perspective.
  • The interaction between what you are, where you are, what you experience and what you are capable of, is the relational understanding that shapes you and enables awareness of the parameters in which you operate. This facilitates the ability to think about these factors and their implications.
  • To get observation wrong means you will not understand the available information and be  led by an imprecise evaluation. Performance levels are therefore only as good as your perception and the interaction with your surroundings; in fact 'you are your information'.
  • Under these circumstances, any consideration of 'the now' and its implications for the future, without skilled observation, would be flawed.