The means for change management 
  • Within wider performance, judgement empowers people with the understanding they need to make better decisions and optimize performance in critical operations.
  • Leading businesses know that change is an ever-present and influential aspect of their operating environment. For many organizations, effective change management is nothing less than a core competency needed to maintain their competitive edge or even to survive. However managing change is a challenge and an important new capability that will help every organization operate more effectively.
  • Change management as a concept, supports the ability of individuals operating in business environments to handle complex and rapidly shifting situations, in which decisions are often made under stressful conditions as an essential component of a network-enabled capability.
  • Today critical pathways force manager to quickly decide what is needed, consider individuals and the company and then go and get it. This focussed pragmatism often ends up with short-term practicalism, what we often call “fire-fighting”, but as a balance it can also yield delegation and forward planning.

 Clearly judgement and change management are crucial to the operation of any individual, organisation, or company, but must be based on clear real-time perception.